Good Profit is fiscally sponsored by the Open Space Institute as part of their Citizen Action Program.

We take the best practices from the non-profit and private
sectors to achieve outstanding results for the Common Good.

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Good Profit Strengths

Good Profit Strengths

Finance Alternatives and Strategies

We take advantage of recent legislation to build entities for long-term sustainability. By clearly understanding what’s new and upcoming as well
as what experience proves successful, we can create structures to satisfy social innovators, donors and investors.

Program Innovation and Planning

We explore projects from multiple perspectives to build new models. Our advisors are both local experts and national thought leaders. This gives Good Profit micro and macro frames of reference to create program and plans with depth and meaning.

Community Real Estate Development

We have a vision for the buildings and land nobody wants: Use future-focused thinking to bring these properties back to life with the latest and prototype technologies including renewable energy to meet the needs of communities today. Properties go back in the tax roles, attract jobs, provide space at reasonable rates for what is needed most and attract visitors.

Brokering Resources

We connect people and organizations for substantive support, services and relationships. By bringing people and projects together, we introduce new possibilities for growth and development by interconnecting disciplines and knowledge bases.

Project Reporting & Storytelling

We will provide the needs assessment, due diligence, follow-through and measurement to assure positive outcomes. Good Profit’s unique reporting will capture the breadth of project work. To build the best project communication possible for informing philanthropists, participants, investors, and communities, we use quantitative and qualitative methods to tell complete stories.

Business Development

We see potential is scaling product and service innovation to support social change and positive environmental impacts. We collaborate with developers to build businesses that matter.



Good Profit Attributes

Good Profit Attributes
  • Use the best technology available.

  • Have all interactions be socially responsible.

  • Connect with the most humane designs.

  • Report with full transparency.